Are you thinking of moving to San Jose and just do not know where to live? You’re probably wondering about different parts of San Jose between the commuting and the schools and everything like that. And most importantly, you’re wondering about the cost of living.

I’m going to walk you through the top three neighborhoods in San Jose. You’re probably wondering what the neighborhoods are like. So first let’s start off with Willow Glen.

So Willow Glen is just minutes from downtown San Jose. It’s located just south. Willow Glen is very close to the airport, about four miles away. It has your major freeway, which is 280, which will bring you north and south. The commute to major corporations, such as Apple, eBay, LinkedIn is not too far, and you get there within 15 minutes to a half hour depending on traffic.

So now that you got an idea of where Willow Glen is, there are some great things that people love about Willow Glen. It has a lot of that old town feel, the old homes. And for the holidays, especially around Christmas time, it is like the Christmas wonder to be. It’s because Willow Glen embraces that old town feel and the community and efforts, this is what really attracts not only the young professionals, but the families who really want to embrace your neighbor.

So one of the charms here in Willow Glen is the style of house, as well as its location, and everything brings it close together. But this, you do not get that tract housing feel, where it’s cookie cutter, and you’re in the same neighborhood no matter where you are. Every little part of Willow Glen is a little bit different. There ranges from big mansions and custom homes all the way down to semi-custom homes. Even the little housing tracts, you have that different feel, where you’re not feel like you’re going into the same town and you’re lost because you don’t know if you’re north or south of Willow Glen.

So one of the things to do in Willow Glen is the downtown. You have your shops, and you have your downtown with eateries and places to go for dessert, or even a nice place to take a walk. They usually have something depending on the time of year, trick or treating for Halloween, or you have something for the 4th of July and parades. Everything happens right here on Lincoln Street, downtown Willow Glen.

Homes in Willow Glen, median price is about $1.6 million. That’s your average 1500 square foot home, three bedroom, two bath. You can get a little bit cheaper for around a million dollars, and that pushes you down between 1200 and 1500.

What’s great about Willow Glen is they also have the higher end market. There are homes currently on the market all the way up to $5 million, which gives you that larger square footage, more property around there, and the custom built just tailored to you.

Our next town that we come to is the Rose Garden. This is just located west of Downtown San Jose. It’s still just as close to the airport and all the stuff that we’re looking for, but this town is named for its roses. Rose Garden is great because you’re getting that urban and suburban feeling. With family, as well as lifetime residents, here, you have that great mixture of bringing everyone together. Downtown is within a walking distance. You have a garden … If you love roses and the smell of roses, this is a great place to commute and bring and meet other people with like-minded ideas.

One of the things that makes Rose Garden unique is the style of homes. Some of these homes have been in here since the late 1800s, as well as some new construction. There is no cookie cutter. Everyone’s a little bit different. They’re customized to their personality and the lifestyles that we bring to this area.

If you want to buy in this area, the median house price for an average size between 1500, 2000 square feet starts off at a million. In this area, depending on how more custom you get, you can push this envelope all the way up to $3 million.

So let’s talk about the very best place. The reason why I saved it for last is because this is where I live. This is where I grew up, and this is where I started learning about San Jose and all of its history. North Valley, Berryessa, this area has several different names it’s known for because of the change that’s been made. It is located just east of San Jose, and it lines just right along the east side foothills.

So if you’re looking to live here in the North Valley or Berryessa area, one of the greatest things I love about it is because of the commute. Because if you want to commute to work and you’re working in San Jose, Cupertino, in this area where all the high tech is, you got that. If you’re going more north and you have the type of jobs that’s more agriculture, more services-oriented, that’s going in the other direction. No matter which way you leave from here, you’re in that middle. Just right in the middle of North Valley is light rail. The light rail will take you downtown, enjoy the amenities of downtown. You have to go to the airport, guess what? There’s a stop for the San Jose Airport. The other cool thing is brand new that’s coming here is BART. So that means you can go anywhere in the Bay Area from right here in North Valley.

So now that I’ve talked about the commute and the area here, let’s talk about affordability. For a 1200 square foot home, three bedroom, two bath, you’re starting off at $750,000, which you’ll need some work on that one, and to about a million as your low end. It’ll go all the way up to $2 million and $3 million, depending how far up the hill you want to go. But this is a great place to start off.

So I hope this video gave you some information and some insight about three of my favorite areas here in San Jose. Be sure to check these out when you come into town. If you have any questions about where to go, what to do, and how to do it here in San Jose, no one better than myself who grew up in this area to give you that information.

So buying here in the Bay Area can be a little challenging. So if you’re needing that little assistance to figure out where to go and what to do and how to do it, choose someone who knows the Bay Area like I do. I’m here for you if you need that help to get you guided in whatever direction that best suits your needs.