Are you thinking of moving to Fremont and you just don’t know where to go? You’re probably wondering where the schools and the restaurants and things to do and commute times, and you have so many questions about where to live.

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In this video I’m going to walk you through three neighborhoods in Fremont. If you’re wondering where Fremont is, Fremont is located in Alameda County. It’s towards the south end of the county. We’re going to discuss three neighborhoods that I think you might like.

For our first one, let’s talk about Mission Hills. Mission Hills is located just south of Ohlone College in Mission Peak. The great thing I love about this is because it’s brushed up against the hills and you get the nice, beautiful hillsides. Most of the homes here are custom built, custom neighborhoods. Some of them gated and some of them are not. But what’s really neat is the feel that you get when you come through this neighborhood.

In this area, your price is going to be on the higher end of Fremont. For a little over a million dollars, you’re going to get a small, little a three, two bedroom. Maybe 1,500-1,800 square feet. But the interesting thing, there’s homes here that range up to $4 million, and these are just remarkable. They’re huge 2,000-3,000 square foot homes. Some even back up against the mountains. The views are spectacular.

So now that I’ve talked about Mission Hills, let’s go move on to number two. The number two today that we’re going to talk about is Glenmoor. Glenmoor’s a little bit different than we’ve talked about Mission Hills. It’s located in central Fremont. It’s closer to downtown. It does butt up against the freeway. And this is a wonderful community to raise a family.

If you move to Glenmoor, there is a homeowners’ association. But the nice thing about this, the homeowners’ association owns two parks, both Meyer Park and Alta Park. They have picnic areas where children can play and it’s open to all residents. But they also have two swimming pools and it has three lighted tennis courts and two basketball courts. All facilities are available to Glenmoor homeowners. With a yearly subscription or a daily fee, you could be using these parks and these areas for your enjoyment.

Home prices range from $800,000 to just under $2 million. An average three bedroom, two bath ranges from about $800,000 to a little over $1 million.

Our third neighborhood is a little bit different than our first two. The town is called Niles. Where it is located is a little bit different because it backs up against where Union Pacific used to be. And we still have an active a railroad there. And it has that old town feel that you don’t get anywhere else.

An interesting thing about Niles I’m not sure most people are aware of, but Niles was the home of the first West Coast motion picture company, Essanay Studios. Charlie Chaplin and Bronco Billy filmed some of their famous movies right here in Niles. The nonprofit now is Essanay Silent Film Museum offers both artifacts from Niles in the early years. And each Saturday evening is screening early 20th century silent films. Many was filmed here locally.

Niles was not always called Niles. It was once called Vallejo Mills. Niles it’s got his name from Central Pacific Railroad’s Niles Depot. It was built in 1870 as part of the first international railroad and named after railroad attorney and a stockholder, Addison Niles.

Downtown is called the old town Niles and features its own library, post office, silent movie theater, as well as the large number of antiques and craft stores. It’s great for those who love that small town feel. The main street is in the center of town with lots of activities throughout the year. And visitors from all over the Bay area come here just to visit.

So you’re wondering what it cost to move to Niles? Well Niles prices range from about $900,000 to just over $2 million. If you’re looking for the average three bedroom, two bath, you’re looking to spend about $900,000 to just over 1.1.

I hope you find some insight into what Fremont is like here. We talked just about three of the neighborhoods, but rest assured, there are many more neighborhoods with many different feels. If you’re interested in knowing what those are like, I’m pretty sure we can find the one that’s just right for you.

And if you want to know more about Fremont and Bay Area and would like to sit down and have a conversation, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m Joseph Bradley with eXp Reality.

Are you thinking of moving to Fremont and you just don’t know where to go? You’re probably wondering where the schools and the restaurants and things to do and commute times, and you have so many questions about where to live.