Are you looking to move to the Bay area but don’t know exactly where to settle? If so, I’ve got an amazing city that you’ve got to check out. In this video, I’m going to give you a tour of Fremont and showcase three of the best things about this area. From plenty of outdoor activities to a rich history that will never bore you, Fremont is at the top of my list for Bay area living.

Getting Outside In Fremont

Fremont is a unique city with plenty to do and explore. For lovers of the outdoors, there’s no end to the possibilities of enjoying an active lifestyle. Whether you love to walk, hike, or bike, you’ll find no shortage of space to do that here.

Six of my favorite trails start right here in the Fremont area. Some of these include Coyote Hill Regional Park, Mission Park Regional Review, Central Park, Don Edwards San Francisco National Wildlife Refuge, and Vargas Plateau Regional Park. Each of these outdoor spaces offers something different with varied topography. Whether you find yourself up towards the hills, down by the Bay, or in the wilderness, Fremont’s parks are breathtaking. There’s something to do for everyone in the family and always a trail to follow to get a little exercise.

A Place For The History Buffs

If you’re a history buff or just like to learn about daily life in the past, Fremont has no shortage of historical landmarks. Explore the still-active Ardenwood Historic Farm, dating back to the 1850s, or learn about early California history at Mission San Jose.

For those who love a good museum, you can head to the Niles Silent Film Museum to explore the early days of acting. The Museum of Local History, run by a nonprofit volunteer group dedicated to researching and preserving the diversity of Fremont, is a fascinating journey into the city’s past. While many people think of Fremont as just a high-tech place to live somewhere between two major cities, you’ll never be bored as you explore this fascinating place.


On To The Main Event

While there’s plenty for you to do in Fremont all year round, there are a variety of special events in the city that occur just once a year. One of the biggest events is the Fremont Festival of Arts, which is held every July. With streets blocked off to make room for the festivities, it’s one of the biggest events in the area and draws vendors and people from all over.

Another annual event is the Niles Main Street Annual Antique Fair. Typically held in August, he crowds gather and line up to grab a unique collectible or trinket from bygone eras. If you can imagine a garage sale or antique store held for an entire town, this event is it. In addition to these two Fremont staples, the Fremont Burger and Brew Fest in October, holiday events, and a Christmas tree and menorah lighting all round out the year.

Living And Getting Around Fremont

If you’re looking for a place to live that includes all of these amazing elements, Fremont is the place to be. The best part about it is that you don’t have to travel far on your off-time to enjoy everything the city has to offer. If you’ve never given Fremont a thought or weren’t sure about the real estate landscape here, please come check it out. As you can see, there’s something to do to keep you occupied every day.

If you want to know more about Fremont or the Bay area in general, feel free to reach out to me. I’m ready and willing to answer any and all of your questions and help you find a home that’s perfect for you!